General FAQs

Q: I want to make a deposit to my account. Who do I make a cheque payable to?

A: Cheques can be made payable to Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.


Q: How do I withdraw or transfer funds from my IA account?

A: To transfer funds, please contact Lara Huska.  If the funds are readily available in your account, they are electronically transferred to your personal bank account in approximately 48 hours.  If holdings within the portfolio need to be sold to make funds available to withdraw cash (can take up to 5 business days to receive funds), John will review your portfolio and make recommendations accordingly.


Q: How do I schedule a time to meet with John Tabet?

A: Please contact Lara Huska to schedule a meeting in person or over the phone.


Q: I have recently moved. How do I update my address for your records and for my account with Industrial Alliance Securities?

A: Please notify us of your change of address by using this form online and submitting it to Lara. Once received, we will update your address accordingly.


Q: My bank account information has changed. What do you need from me to update my account?

A: If your banking information has changed, please send us a copy of a cheque and verify which account it is to be used for.  If you do not have a new cheque, please contact Lara.


Q: Am I able to view my portfolio online?

A: Yes, IA offers online access to account and portfolios.  This is read only access. If you already have a login, please click on the following link: You are not able to place trades or make administrative changes to accounts.  Please contact Lara Huska at Ext 221 to obtain online access.


Q: What is the current contribution limit for RESP’s (Registered Education Savings Plans) and until what age am I able to contribute?

A: The current contribution limit is $2500 per child, per year and for this the Government of Canada provides a grant of 20% ($500).  Annual contributions must be made by December 31st.  You can carry back contributions for years in which you did not make the full RESP contribution but you can only do so one year at a time.  Contributions can be made up until the child’s 17th birthday but not beyond.